The iChair.The iChair.
case with stand for iPad

Sync & Charge Hub for Mini/ Micro USB devices & iPhone

Compatible with device with Mini USB/ Micro USB, * iPhone 4, iPhone 3 & 3GS, iPod Touch, iPod and iPad**
Micro USB devices supported by VeeSync with Micro USB connector. Mini USB devices supported by VeeSync with MiniUSB connector.
** Charge function depends on the power supply of your computer or charger. Cannot charge iPad

iChair for iPad

Connectors concealed in the body of VeeSync

iChair for iPhone 4

Compatible with thousands of devices which support Mini/ Micro USB * Depends on the VeeSync connectors

iChair for iPhone 3G/S

Connect iPhone & Blackberry at the same time

iChair for iPod Touch

Storage for SIM card & SD card & SIM tray opener. And an universal stand for almost all sizes of mobile phones